• Costa Rica is considered the most advanced and most stable country in the region and is known as "the Switzerland of Central America"
  • Costa Rica's unique and spectacular natural biodiversity is one of many reasons to settle tropical paradise
  • Costa Rica is ranked number 1 in the Happy Planet Index. Scores are based on a high life expectancy, a high degree of well-being and a moderate ecological footprint.
  • It is relatively easy to buy real estate in Costa Rica - even with a simple tourist visa
  • Locals and foreigners enjoy the same rights with respect to property ownership
  • First-class property, especially near the luxurious coastal areas are in high demand and compared to the international level offer good price / performance ratio

With years of experience in Costa Rica with first hand knowledge of the properties and a record of smooth transactions we can make your dreams a reality.

Villas, houses, land, plantations or commercial properties, whatever you are looking for, at the beach or in the mountains, we will find it for you! Our location in Guanacaste enables us to offer an excellent selection of the current regional real estate listings. For other regions in the country we work with proven partners.

Browse through our lists, you are bound to find something interesting. If not, we have more exciting properties which are not yet listed on our web page.

We will accompany you from your first visit until the purchase is completed, and are then also available for help and advice. Costa Rica has a modern computerised land registry and professional (English speaking) lawyers can provide legal advice throughout your purchase to make sure that there are no unwelcome surprises at the completion of the contract.

Your Costa Rica Immo Team