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[Real estate no. 1152]


Real estate: finca



  • 68 acres (25ha) nature finca near Monteverde (Abangares)
  • own spring water, river, waterfalls, jungle
  • private nature reserve with many wild animals
  • small side valley on the way to Monteverde


250.000 USD


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The finca has been run as a private nature reserve for over 15 years and is part of a biological corridor in the region. Since over 30 years free from any agrochemicals and agricultural use, a small natural paradise with many wild animals has developed. In the finca are still ancient huge trees. The biodiversity is unusually high despite its proximity to the city and traffic.

A few years ago, a part of the finca (50 acres ~ 20ha) has been prepared as an official nature reserve by a local forestry engineer. This could be implemented at any time, which would generate about 1,500 USD a year in subsidies for maintenance. The finca is located in a small side valley on the way to Monteverde, the topography is hilly, and mostly wooded with beautiful flat construction areas. The lower part of the finca is about 800 ft (250 meters) above sea level, the upper part at about 2,000 ft (600 meters). There are several waterfalls, some up to 70ft (20m) high, which carry lots of water during the rainy season. Various landscaped paths lead through the finca and to the sights and viewpoints.

The finca has 2 large own sources with the best water quality throughout the year. These sources provide between 26,000 and 52,000 gallons (100 and 200m³) of water daily depending on the season. They provide more than enough for the whole finca and a small fish pond. There is a small river running through the finca. As a result, there is always a pleasant climate with much cooler temperatures than usual for the region (20 ° C - 33 ° C in summer and 26 ° C in winter).

Despite the tranquility and seclusion of the finca, you can reach the small town of Las Juntas de Abangares in 10-15 minutes. There you will find everything you need for daily life, such as supermarkets, building materials, banks, doctors, schools, hospitals, craftsmen, police, etc. In 20 minutes you enter the Panamericana, the main highway leading through Costa Rica. The many beautiful Pacific beaches, the Lake Arenal and the volcanoes are only 1-2 hours away. Driving to San Jose takes about 2-3 hours.

The finca is located on a small public road with very little traffic, which is paved except for the last 3km and is maintained by the municipality every year. Power and telephone connections are available at the border of the finca, Internet is available via the G3 / 4 network. As a buyer, a nature-loving successor is preferred, who continues the finca in the same sense, either as a private nature conservation project or for an economic eco-biological project, tourism, production, training, recreation etc.

It is also possible to purchase along with the finca, the owner's house set in the middle of a 1 acre (4000m²) park-like tropical garden. More details here!